Welcomes you to Shovel Pass Lodge

The Oldest Backcountry Lodge in Jasper National Park

  • Horse Assisted Hiking
  • Hiker Accommodation at Shovel Pass Lodge, on Skyline Trail
  • Freighting Service to Curator camp site
  • Meals at Shovel Pass Lodge for hikers staying at Curator camp site

Shovel Pass backcountry Lodge;

 a hidden gem to discover!

Skyline Trail Rides offers a variety of services for horse lovers and hikers planning a trip to the Skyline Trail. Please contact us for any special request you may have.

Services to Hikers

Located mid-way on the famous Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, this lodge is a favourite overnight stop for hikers traveling on the Skyline Trail . Horse assisted service available.

Shovel Pass Lodge

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¬®After a long day of walking, the lodge was a dream! Perfect to have a delicious home cooked meal and warm bed before completing this stunning Skyline Trail. The lodge made the hike a much more enjoyable experience!¬®

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Skyline hiker's best stop!

 Open July 10- Aug 31, 2020