Shovel Pass Lodge

Located mid-way on the famous Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, this lodge is a favourite overnight stop for hikers traveling on the Skyline Trail . Horse assisted service available.

Services to Hikers

Skyline Trail Rides offers a variety of services for horse lovers and hikers planning a trip to the Skyline Trail. Please contact us for any special request you may have.

Backcountry horseback riding trips are our speciality at Skyline Trail Rides. Outfitters for more than 25 years in Jasper Park, we invite you to ride with us to Shovel Pass Lodge and enjoy hiking part of the Skyline Trail at your leisure. 


Horseback & Hiking  trips!

  • Horse Assisted Hiking
  • Hiker Accommodation at Shovel Pass Lodge, on Skyline Trail
  • Private backcountry horseback trips
  • Freighting Service to Curator camp site
  • Meals at Shovel Pass Lodge for hikers staying at Curator camp site


Welcomes you to Shovel Pass Lodge

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canadian Rockies