We also offer meals only package for hikers staying at Curator campsite . We have only Breakfast and dinner available , no lunch.

Limited availability, priority given to guests staying at the lodge overnight.

Reservation and full payment required at time of booking. 

Breakfast includes fresh muffin, fruits, oatmeal, egg dishes or pancakes & French toasts, bacon, sausage, coffee, tea & juices. 

Dinner includes main course, cooked vegetables, fresh salad and dessert.

Hikers Welcome!

Looking for a delicious home-cooked meal and a good sleep in a private cabin after a long day's hike on the Skyline Trail ? Come and enjoy the comfort of Shovel Pass Lodge. You can use our camp as a base to undertake day hikes to the surrounding alpine basins and ridges.

The lodge is located 20.3 Km (12.6 miles) from the Maligne Lake trailhead on the Skyline Trail, just below Big Shovel Pass, near Curator Lake campsite. The second part of the Skyline hiking route from our lodge to Maligne Canyon trailhead is 25.4 Km (15.8 m).

The entire Skyline Trail  crosses 3 passes (7000-8000ft elevation). This well maintained and signed route is one of Jasper's most magnificent since two-third of the trail is at or above tree line.


An other way to reach our lodge is by using the  Wabasso Lake  trail. That route is the one we use with our horses. it is shorter and less scenic but can let you access Shovel Pass Lodge and then hike part of the Skyline Trail without doing the long route over the Notch.​ The distance from highway 97 to the lodge is 16 Km (10 miles).


A shuttle bus service from Maligne Canyon(Skyline Trail's north trailhead) to Maligne Lake is operated by Maligne Valley Hiker's Shuttle. We recommend that you book your shuttle from Maligne Canyon to Maligne Lake and leave a car at Maligne Canyon trailhead. That way, you will have a vehicle waiting for you at the end of your trip. Their first departure from Jasper is 9 am.

If you would like an  earlier departure from the trailhead, here is a list of taxi companies in Jasper .

​CARIBOU CABS   780-931-2334

​MOUNTAIN EXPRESS  780-852-3600


All bed linen is provide in cabins, so hikers only need to bring personal items such as a change of footwear, wash towel  and flashlight. While all food and beverages are included in our rates, we are not licensed. However, our packers will be happy to freight in any personal alcoholic beverages if you opt for the horse assisted package. 

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Planning to hike the SKYLINE TRAIL?

Skyline Trail Rides offers horse assisted hiker package and accommodation at SHOVEL PASS LODGE.