An other way to reach our lodge is by using the  Wabasso Lake  trail. That route is the one we use with our horses. it is shorter and less scenic but can let you access Shovel Pass Lodge and then hike part of the Skyline Trail without doing the long route over the Notch.​ The distance from highway 97 to the lodge is 16 Km (10 miles).

Shuttle & taxi services in Jasper
A shuttle bus service from Maligne Canyon(Skyline Trail's north trailhead) to Maligne Lake is operated by 
Maligne Valley Adventure . 
If you are hiking the trail South to North (recommended), you will start your hike at Maligne Lake. We suggest parking your vehicle at the North Skyline / Signal Mountain Trailhead which would be the end point of your hike. The shuttle can then collect you at 9:15 am and transport you to Maligne Lake where you can begin your hike. Your car will be waiting when you finish.

From Jasper to Maligne Lake:
9:00 am Depart Jasper Town Office
9:15 am North Skyline / Signal Mountain Trailhead
9:30 am Watchtower Trailhead
10:00 am Arrive at South Skyline Trailhead, Maligne Lake
Prices for the One-way Shuttle : $33 + taxes 
Pre-bookings are essential. 
If you would like an  
earlier departure from the trailhead, here is a list of taxi companies in Jasper .
​CARIBOU CABS   780-931-2334
​MOUNTAIN EXPRESS  780-852-3600

Current camp

Tent frames 1938.

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All supplies and food are still brought up by pack horses. It takes 4 hours for the horses to reach the lodge, climbing over 3000 ft of steep terrain , each carrying pack boxes weighing between 60-70 pounds each. All ingredients we use in our menu have been carefully chosen to fit the horse transport limitation (weight, size). The Skyline Horses are very experienced and sure footed, you can thank them for carrying more than 200 dozen fresh eggs each summer.​

Shovel Pass Lodge

operated by Skyline Trail Rides

The original trail into Maligne Lake was built in 1911 from Wabasso Lake and over Shovel Pass. A tent camp was established along the trail that year, about 3 kilometers west of our present location. In 1921, a permanent camp was relocated higher up-valley below the alpine basin, making Shovel Pass Lodge Jasper National Park's oldest backcountry lodge. Originally operated as one of Fred Brewster's Rocky Mountain Camps, the facilities included a cookhouse and several tent frames for guest accommodation. This camp was one of the stops on a round trip horse excursion from Jasper to Maligne Lake.
Rebuilt in 1991 by the current owners, the facilities now include 7 guest cabins and a main log chalet with dining room and kitchen. The lodge is located 20.3 Km (12.6 miles) from the Maligne Lake trailhead on the Skyline Trail, just below Big Shovel Pass, near Curator Lake campsite. The second part of the Skyline hiking route from our lodge to Maligne Canyon trailhead is 25.4 Km (15.8 m).The entire Skyline Trail  crosses 3 passes (7000-8000ft elevation). This well maintained and signed route is one of Jasper's most magnificent since two-third of the trail is at or above tree line.

​CABINS  The lodge can accommodate up to 18 guests. We have 7 individual cabins available, some with 2 or 3 single  log frame beds or a double bed .  Each cabin is equipped with wash stands, propane heating and lighting. No need to bring a sleeping bag, comforters and all fresh linen are provided, however guests should bring their own  wash face towel.​

MEALS  Delicious home cooked meals are served in the main lodge. Fresh salads, ample meat and vegetable dishes along with delicious desserts ensure that even the biggest appetite will be satisfied. Breakfast includes fresh muffins, fruits, oatmeal, egg dishes or pancakes & French toasts, bacon or sausage, coffee, tea & juices. A lunch table is set up at breakfast time for guest to make their own lunch bag including, sandwiches, wraps, veggies , fruits and sweets.

Please note that the facility is not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages however, our packers will be happy to freight in any personal orders if you choose to use our freight service option.   Dinner is served at 6:30 pm daily for everyone, so plan to arrive on time , we only offer one service! Breakfast is served at 8:00 am.

​MEALS ONLY option
We also offer meals only option for hikers staying at Curator campsite . You can enjoy the good food prepared by our cooks either at dinner or breakfast time.​
Our availability is limited because  priority is  given to guests staying at the lodge overnight. Therefore we can only confirm your reservation 1-2 week ahead of time.
Full payment is required at time of booking and is non-refundable.