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Freight service 

Reservation required

Servicing and bringing supplies to our lodge is done solely by horse. Everything has to be carefully packed into packing boxes and paniers on our dedicated Skyline horses. It takes years of packing experience to master the double diamond itch that is used to secure the loads on the pack horses. Good horsemanship and outfitting experience is required to accomplish these backcountry trips.

Please note that sometime, due to uncontrollable event, we might have a change in our freighting schedule, either going in or out of the horse camp. If so, you will be contacted personally to offer you other alternative freighting options. 

RATE: $4.00 /lb each way

 Tuesday and Saturday mornings ( going to Shovel Pass Lodge)

Thursday and Sunday mornings ( going out to Jasper)

Duffles have to be dropped at Maligne Canyon Tea House parking lot at between 8-8:30 am on Tuesday & Saturday

Duffles will be brought back to our trail head , 14 km south of Jasper on Thursday and Sunday afternoon.

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